Shopify Liquid Coding Tutorial - Changing A Single Line Of Code Can Make A BIG DIFFERENCE

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Situation: I recently wrote a blog for my Shopify Store...

Task: ...but I wasn't too happy with the Blog Preview User Interface that Shopify offered. So, I decided to change the Shopify Blog Preview User Interface.

Action: In order to change the Shopify Blog Preview User Interface, I had to:

1. Search for the solution online

2. Implement the code changes as instructed.

3. Test the code changes to make sure my store didn't blow up or crash due to the new changes.

4. Find a GIF for the Blog Preview to complete my new Shopify Blog Preview User Interface.

Result: All in all it took about 12 minutes including wait time.

Denouement: I have to admit, I was pretty scared of changing the shopify theme liquid code, but given that I only had to add one line of code, I was comfy with testing out the code changes and luckiliy it worked for me.

EleutherAI - text generation testing UI

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