The Shopify Developer's Best Friend (Shopify Crash Course for Medium to Large Businesses)

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In order to become a Great Shopify Developer, you don’t have to be the best Software Developer.

First of all, you need to realize that most software developers aren't writing code; they're copying and pasting and then editing code, creating data-driven user interfaces, and displaying data-driven reports. HTML CSS Javascript JSON are always going to be in style.

The most successful developers are experts in business analysis. They design and adapt solutions to solve the business problem at hand. They create and mold software solutions for specific applications. They are creative and intuitive, and can speak to an end user's problem. If you're a developer, you must master the art of business analysis. Otherwise, you will not be able to successfully design and implement the software solutions that will solve your customers’ problems.

In order to become a Great Shopify Developer, you will have to combine your business analysis skills with your ability to identify powerful and stable Shopify Applications.


Today’s powerful and stable Shopify Applications can imitate all of the functionality typically reserved for Enterprise SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, and Salesforce eCommerce partners. Best of all, these Shopify Applications come at a fraction of the cost.

Here is a list of the most transformational Shopify Applications. These Shopify Applications have been battle-tested by the most experienced Shopify Agencies to drive sales and improve SEO for the world’s top brands.


Driving Conversions with Intelligently Automated Collections

Driving VIPs with Loyalty & Rewards Programs


Driving Monthly Recurring Revenue

VL Omni

Driving Enterprise Integrations with EDI


Driving Unified Sales, Stock Levels, Invoices, and Order Fulfillment

Blue Link

Driving Integrated Inventory & Accounting


Driving Conversions With Email & SMS Marketing


Fish Where The Fish Are

EleutherAI - text generation testing UI

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