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A Post Rejected By Hackernoon

As a world-renowned thought leader in Biology and Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Lettvin (MIT) was studying JD the octopus at the Stazione Zoologica in Naples, Italy. Why? In order to create the world’s first artificial brain, of course.

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Developers on a Ship of Fools

"A common misconception in building software is that if every component in a system is individually verified to be safe, the system itself is also safe." - samczsun A few days ago, everyone's favourite blockchain got forked; how times have changed, eh?A few years ago, Ethereum was so solid that JP Morgan built their inter-bank ledger JPM Quorum on it. This week, however, ETH fell flat on its face and rumours have it the ETH burning could be seen from space. Multiple black swans are converging in this arena.https://t.co/cdeS91nWmvIMO, this is the most honest article on the subject by a pioneer in AI and Data Science @trentmc0. Loves me some iron triangles. pic.twitter.com/Hdt0OCIhAY— So you want to... (@attractfunding) December 16,...

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The Ship of Fools by Socrates EXPLAINED

The sailors are quarrelling among themselves over captaincy of the ship, each one thinking that he ought to be captain, though he has never learnt that skill, nor can he point to the person who taught him or a time when he was learning it. On top of which they say it can’t be taught. In fact they’re prepared to cut to pieces anyone who says it can. The shipowner himself is always surrounded by them.

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