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What Makes A Great Shopify Developer?

This post was created in combination with EleutherAI. What Makes A Great Shopify Developer? First of all, you need to realize that most software developers aren't writing code; they're copying and pasting and then editing code, creating data-driven user interfaces, and displaying data-driven reports. HTML CSS Javascript JSON are always going to be in style. The most successful developers are experts in business analysis. They design and adapt solutions to solve the business problem at hand. They create and mold software solutions for specific applications. They are creative and intuitive, and can speak to an end user's problem. If you're a developer, you must master the art of business analysis. Otherwise, you will not be able to successfully design and implement...

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Shopify Liquid Coding Tutorial - Changing A Single Line Of Code Can Make A BIG DIFFERENCE

Situation: I recently wrote a blog for my Shopify Store... Task: ...but I wasn't too happy with the Blog Preview User Interface that Shopify offered. So, I decided to change the Shopify Blog Preview User Interface. Action: In order to change the Shopify Blog Preview User Interface, I had to: 1. Search for the solution online 2. Implement the code changes as instructed. 3. Test the code changes to make sure my store didn't blow up or crash due to the new changes. 4. Find a GIF for the Blog Preview to complete my new Shopify Blog Preview User Interface. Result: All in all it took about 12 minutes including wait time. Denouement: I have to admit, I was pretty...

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Why Large Companies Are Switching To www.shopify.com as their Preferred eCommerce Platform

by Eleuther.AI prompted and edited by by @attractfunding via GIPHY   So You Want To Be David Brent From The OfficeLet’s say you sell paper. With Shopify, you don’t need to worry about anything but your product listings. Shopify takes care of your inventory, customers, products, and orders. To help you manage your business, you can hire Shopify-certified professionals for a monthly fee (a virtual store designer/salesperson if you will). via GIPHY   The three main reason large companies are switching to www.shopify.com as their preferred ecommerce platform:   They're looking to create a better website with a more professional-looking storefront (Customer Journeys are based on UI/UX) They're hoping to improve their search engine rankings for their products (Cost of Customer...

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